Rock Rhombus

February 9th, 2010 by Lyndsey. Tagged in , , , , February 2010, Film

This week I talked to Priya, who sings for the Toronto based hard rock band Diemonds, we met up at Dark Horse Coffee.

In December, Diemonds went to India and played the rock capital of India, Shiloong, making them only the 4th band that has ever played there. They share this elite honour with such bands as Scorpions and Mr. Big. Priya also discusses her and her band’s surprise as they learned about certain regions of India and the diverse roles and importance of women within these communities.

Check out the video that briefly talks about Diemonds’ trip to India.

Be sure to listen to Diemonds on their MySpace, join their Facebook group, follow on Twitter and watch their YouTube channel.

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